Monday, 20 October 2008


in this dinamic and fast way of life i often forget how good it feels to walk in the woods, listen to birds, the sound of the leafs in fall, feel the last sun rays on your face...and what a calming effect it has all this on your mind. and if you add a loving person next to your's a winners combination. it may seem little senior-like, but i've been told a million times that we should learn from older people's experiences. and here i completely understand why, cause it feels good.

sure, i'm not saying i don't like my city life, but every time i visit country side or just travel through a beautiful green reminds me, how we used to walk around mountains and woods with my dad and how i used to hate all those family trips. and look at me now, writting hymns to all that what i thought back in those days were just stupid ideas of my father. i'm not afraid to admit my wrong if i find it i was wrong, it's just that sometimes i'm so stuborn that i simply have to come to certain conclusions myself.

so, i think it's time to take some time off an go, as they say in the rasta world,..back to the roots!

Monday, 13 October 2008


being in love is magic...nothing beats the feeling! but falling in love once per week, for the same person..that's impossible to describe...feels like, feels like..khm, dunno... devine magic!! and so i pass the days in total happiness, sometimes forgetting the world around me. i know it might not be healthy staying at home all day and all i think about is how i'm gonna see his beautiful face when he visits...but this is how it is now and i wouldn't change it for the world. on sunday i cried next to him, i still don't know why, was it because i was so happy to be next to him or because i was so sad knowing i'd have to leave soon. and every time he is next to me just smilling or looking at me i feel it, i feel all the love on this planet surrounding us both together.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

close to me

i've had only a couple of really close friends in my life. and i know that a friend is really my friend when i can't sleep if there's something wrong with our relationship. if we argue or we don't talk...cause then i know that i really care for that person and it makes me sad deep in my heart if i see the person but can't talk to her. i know it takes two people to argue and i'm not saying that half of the guilt isn't mine....but if true friends are really true, i believe there's always a way in making it right again. it may be hard if these two persons are so different as me and tanja are, but i just can't stand the feeling when we argue, it hurts me really bad and i'm sad.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

since you've openned up your heart and shined on life is enormously colorful. okay, i'm not saying that it wasn't before, but how could i not see rainbows all around, if there's so much love coming from you. and what greater is the feeling when your man is looking at you with passion and desire, even when you're dancing among fifty other hot looking girls in the club. it's how it's supossed to least how i see it...we have to be adored, loved and cared for..even with all this emancipation thing, women simply need men to do this. i guess some laws just can't be ignored, no matter how we try. but it's funny though, cause other species have it the other way around...for example all the males are usually all colorful and nice..with human specie is the opsite, women wear make up and dress up, to look good for men. another proof, how humans always walk towards natures ways... hehe!

anyways, shine on, shine on you crazy diamond!