Sunday, 26 April 2009

circles of life

as every year for the past few years, i'm travelling again. it's a thing that i must do at least once per year. and it doesn't matter how far it is, as long as it's over the borders of my country. not that i don't like my country.. i love it! but we have to migrate in order to grow, to develop, see the world. i need it and i'm happy that i can afford it, so far so good.

this time i'm of to London. i know, i know... how come i've never been there? well, i haven't..i've had other interests, but this time, Bojana is living there so i have the perfect chance to visit her and Jure and experience London for 10 days. and this time i'm travelling with Aleš. that's gonna be an interesting experience. i've never traveled with a boyfriend before, only my friends. and i think it's great that we're going together, cause i kind of got used to having him around and i wanna see if being together 24/7 for 10 days will bring us a new dimension in our relationship.

just a couple of moments ago i had an intersting conversation with my dad. i'm not sure, but it was one of our best talks in years. we actually did not end arguing and screaming over each other. i'm still in shock!=)

anyways, i have some packing to do...tata!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

dor que mim ensina

năo sei porque, mas cada vez que eu me ouço lingua portuguesa ou um som brasileiro...mim faz feliz ou melhore pelo menos. pode ser que o vibraçăo do essa lingua ou esse povo ta magica...

tou sentido muito mal por caso da minha costa. mim ta doendo tanto e eu năo posso fazer nada. nem dormir, sentar, eu năo uso medicina é todo sem nenhum efeito. so musica brasileira ta mim melhorando o minha situaçăo.

i know i should try to ignore the pain and think happy thoughts, but with all this pain it's hard. it's bringging me down. i hope it gets better soon, cause we're supossed to have roda for Simon's birthday party! viva a musica!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

wait or live

that's the way i like it...all sunny and positive! and with one eye i'm always searching what might be wrong with this picture, cause it can't be all that perfect right..there must be a system error somewhere, we just didn't find it yet ;) ehehe!
but despite all this suspicion that's the way it should be and the way i deserve it. and i don't wanna wait in vein for my life...i wanna live it.