Tuesday, 16 April 2013

walk. feel. truth.

i think my hive really needs a spring cleanup. been neglecting it. 

so, here i am just chillin' at home since i am sick. again. it's this spring turnover of the temperatures and me being too brave too fast. i am a warrior that is true. but to go into a fight too fast like i did with the short sleeves and all...i think it was a bit exagurated. nevermind. at least i have a lot of time to think about stuff. you know, just stuff.

since i have returned from Brasil i know that how i live is not really how i want to live. and it has nothing to do with Brasil actually. well in a way maybe it does. i just feel i can not take all that static routine anymore. but i knew that before. 

and all that walking. it also got me thinking about how soooo wrong this society is. it is sick. really. i am not much of a walker or a runner for that matter, but walking around Brasil on my trip showed me, how my body responded completely differently to my new habit. yes i was tired every evening, but everything else was awesome. i lost weight, i felt great about that and my metabolsim was totally on the run like nver before. someone might think i am writting nonsense, but it is true. walking is our primary function, our body's function. we are certainly not meant to sit for 8 hours in the office and be still. we are not!

so my spring resolutions are, start living your truth and walk more!