Tuesday, 29 May 2007

i can't live with or without you

life takes funny ways..well, they may NOT seem funny at all at times, but i guess its only for you to accept them and go on. i feel enourmously sad, my life fell apart in one certain moment this weekend. it's been a long time since i was feeling so hurt. i suddenly realized i don't even imagine my life with anyone else but this person i'm with now. but he lets me into such extremes that it's damn hard to handle it.
and people around are not being helpfull at all. i know they love me, but i will make this relationship work no matter what. i believe in it and as long as have faith, i know i can do it.

we're one,but we're not the same...

Friday, 25 May 2007

love, love, love

i know now, what is my purpose on this planet. to.... oh, it's gone=) damn and i thought i had it!!
well,nevermind... i'll just spread love in the meantime***

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

fresh wind from the north a.k.a. i found it

yesterday i finally found a flat i could actually live in, and we decided to take it. if you're asking me about whether it is the right moment to move, definetly not.. but when it is? if you're asking if i have enough money to do it, definetly not, but then again i never have enough money for anything. but ill make it, you'll see. nothing is impossible. i will be a good girl and sit at home behind my desk and study and i will find meself another job. and i will make it. i'm not alone in this, that's why i'm not scared. i know i have people around that will help me. and i have my sweet man.
anyways, in june i will finally be on my own, you are all welcome for a coffee, anytime=)

Monday, 14 May 2007

social handicap

i have to admit it, even if don't like the fact that it's true. this is what happened... i forgot my mobile phone at home, so i was without it for 24 hours until today. and it was a total social handicap. i felt i was cut from the world. comunications are indeed becoming or better said are already so important that to me it seems i'm misiing something if i don't carry my mobile phone with me or check my email and other personal sites for couple of days. my boyfriend don't like internet so much so he's always joking that i'm an addict... maybe i am, maybe i was already sucked into this information society that is based on accesibility and all sorts of usefull and unusefull informations, among which we have to choose to pick out the ones that determine us, our knowledge, free time, social network...

Sunday, 13 May 2007

i'm at matejka's place. it's a good experience, just to escape from home for a couple of days. even if i'm all alone in the appartment. i realised it's definetly the time to go. start living my own flash. i'm seriously tired of other lives that are sometimes just too much. i'm not prepared to sacrifice my precious moments for bad energy of someone else, i really am not. it's time to make a move and go away from the shit... even if that means going into another one... but this time at least i know it's me who made it, not someone else.
keep the groove inside...

Friday, 11 May 2007

hairy potter =)

finally i bought meself those fishermans pants i've wanted for so long. but now the problem is.. how am i going to go back to those fancy clothes and when it will be cold, how am i going to wear socks again..cause once you feel the comfort of these clothes you just don't want to change =) i'm happy that the weather is warm already and that we can walk freely around, it's a lighter period of the year, cause you don't have to wear all those uncomfortable sweaters and boots. and of course it's better time of the year for the cosmetic salons, cause now every woman has to get hairless.. ehehe!
hair or no hair, that's the question? and i'm not talking about the hair on your head! =) enjoy the spring...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

o tempo chegou

it started.. the stressed, intense, working and sleepless nights days are here =) did i miss them since last year? NOT! but what can we do, we just simply have to confront them, there's no other choice if i want to graduate..blah!
it started to rain like hell.. and we wanted to visit open air students festival... why is it always like this on days when you want to enjoy fresh air and a drink in the grass in the park.. it always starts to rain!always!! that's hilarious don't you think so? i do actually... =)
so i guess i have another two more hours to dedicate them to my projects..darn, i thought i could escape from them for a while;) and i still have to go to theatre practice to Notranje gorice cause on friday we have an regional competition between amateur theatres. i decided this is the last season for me.. well at least until i graduate! i can't believe i'm always talking about this diploma and that i will actually have to do it as soon as possible and afterwards i will have to look for a job..lol.. real life i'm on my way! =)
but seriously...this exam period is so NOT my life style..looool!

oh, and by the way..my birthday passed, well not just yet, we still have to get unconsciously drunk to celebrate my existence, but i'm officialy 25 so RESPECT =) and i got fake iPod from my family and friends. weeee....

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

secrets of life

it's funny how we can suffer for days,but then in a moment it can be better, it takes a moment, a glimpse and the sun comes out. at least with me...
somebody once said ''write the bad things into the sand so that the wind can blow them away, and the good ones into the rock, so they remain forever'' and i think that's ritght.. cause if something makes you feel bad, you should do everything in your power to make it go away and when good comes in your way.. grab it and enjoy every moment of it. why am i saying this? ah well... some events in my life made me think about it. and it often happens that when i start to write i think about something totally different from what it turns out on the end.
anyways, my dear friends... enjoy every good moment and leave behind the bad ones.