Wednesday, 18 September 2013

it's time to leave and start living

I have in the recent years come across a notion, that some people are sceptical about ones mission here on this Earth. I mean I know there is more and more talking about how we must again find ourselves and to reconnect with our innerself and it can sometimes get a bit anoying, especially if you are not very fond of this kind of things and thoughts, but the fact is that it is inevitable for us to face this fact.

Yes, for me it's a fact. Because I have already done some work and relatively succesfully transcended a couple of my old patterns and paradigms. But yet the hardest paradigm to overcome is the one that we are holding together as humanity. 

We are one organism. We grew in certain patterns and were raised and shaped by similar ideas of what the world is supossed to look like and how it is supossed to run. We were thought so and rarely one questions what majority accepts. But yet some do. And I was always the one of the few that did. And that is why noone can in this moment convince me, that I can not change the world around me. Noone can for a longer period of time deprive me of my own accpeted reality, because it is now deeply inside me. And I believe in it. But not as a naive believer or a lost soul, seeking for help...but as a firmly convinced individual aware that all is but an ilussion and nothing that seems important, really is.

I am at the same moment a hard rock, firmly located on the ground and a flowing water, willingly changing it's current to obstacles coming its way. A controversy one may say, but knowing that only change is the permanent thing in life, the previous sentence makes perfect sense.

One thing that prevents me from having my eureka moment is the strong wish of having one. And maybe the key answer to this problem is to embrace the sentence that "it si only the path that matters, not the goal". But I am yet waiting for something to happen, for something or someone to give me a sign that this is it. And maybe my expectations are preventing me from reaching that moment, because it doesn't feel as I have imagined. And how do you know how something feels, if you've never felt it? How can you say, THIS IS IT! if it's supposedly to happen once in your life. I guess it's like with love, yoou know it's love when you feel it, even if you've never felt it before. I don't know. Maybe.

And to get back to my starting point, let's talk about our life's mission. I believe that all this boom created around it is a bit too much, but necesary if we want to inform people, they have the right to pursue their dreams and be happy with no reason of whatsoever, because it is their birth right. Because it is the time of change. The time to create. The time to live to ones full potential. The time to end the era of mind slavery and become free of limits that were put into our minds.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

walk. feel. truth.

i think my hive really needs a spring cleanup. been neglecting it. 

so, here i am just chillin' at home since i am sick. again. it's this spring turnover of the temperatures and me being too brave too fast. i am a warrior that is true. but to go into a fight too fast like i did with the short sleeves and all...i think it was a bit exagurated. nevermind. at least i have a lot of time to think about stuff. you know, just stuff.

since i have returned from Brasil i know that how i live is not really how i want to live. and it has nothing to do with Brasil actually. well in a way maybe it does. i just feel i can not take all that static routine anymore. but i knew that before. 

and all that walking. it also got me thinking about how soooo wrong this society is. it is sick. really. i am not much of a walker or a runner for that matter, but walking around Brasil on my trip showed me, how my body responded completely differently to my new habit. yes i was tired every evening, but everything else was awesome. i lost weight, i felt great about that and my metabolsim was totally on the run like nver before. someone might think i am writting nonsense, but it is true. walking is our primary function, our body's function. we are certainly not meant to sit for 8 hours in the office and be still. we are not!

so my spring resolutions are, start living your truth and walk more!