Monday, 16 July 2012

thankful - grateful

been there, done that. but i'm here again. sometimes i regret that all those thousands of thoughts that run daily through my mind are not listed somewhere, and especially the feeling that overwhelm me.

lately my heart is so happy. so light. so simple. i vibrate in an amazing way. i am starting to understand things are so simple really. the less you complicate and hold all that dense energy inside, the less you suffer. you start to flow. and don't worry, i am not talking about that eteric floating above the ground, not knowing what is happening around you, i am talking about happy dance! i am talking about all that good energy that sudenly starts to evaporate from your heart and soul, about all the good people that are happening around you. the smiles on your face. the amazing feeling you are feeling inside, no matter the circumstances. 

i know, i am certain that i am on a right path. that my life is going the way it should and is meant to. i just know. because it FEELS right. not because everything is as the society expects it to be...but because deep inside me, i know. i am happy. i am so grateful! truly grateful for my life, for everything that happened to me and thought me the lessons i had to learn. and i know this is how it is meant to be. i have faith! not in God, Alah, Buda or Deepak Chopra...but faith in light! i am simply grateful and faithful!

thank you for everything! <3