Monday, 25 June 2007

just breathe

i found this really nice song today by accident. i used to listen to it during my life in Lisboa. don't even remember where i got it, probably from one of the flatmates. but anyway... i've lost it somehow and forgot about it 'till now so i'm feeling enormously sentimental at the moment while i'm listening to this song. and it's not just the fact that the song reminds me of my so called happy times, but the lyrics are also very meaningfull... just believe, another day... just breathe. not much of a lyrics, but tells me everything i need to know in this moment. i'm feeling exactly like this song now...............

p.s. and btw the songs tittle is Breathe and performed by Telepopmusic. Recomended!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


how do you know that you're addicted to computers? well, i'll tell you how... this is what just happened to me and i was shocked over myself. you know that you're addicted, when you study and instead of turnning your page in the book, you grab your mouse and scroll it!! and then you're even questioning why did the page not not turn!!!!! o my god! that's all i have to say =))))

Thursday, 14 June 2007

are you blue? turns into unimaginable ways... how i love this rollercoster!!! kachiiing!! =) i have new metallic blue havaianas.. i rule! =)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

forever, does it really exist?

i thought i have problems with human relations.. but now i'm not so sure if my problems are so bad. my phylosophy is that everything hapens for a reason... and i guess i will find about why did i had to finish with Sabin, a bit later on in my life. i thought he was the one... everyone was sceptic but i just believed.. i know i can be naive, but this time it felt real. but on the end it turned out not to be what i thought it was. well, what can you do, you can not force a person to stay with you, it makes it even worse. i love him with allmy heart,but he's a real jerk. for what he did to me there is no excuse...i am not giving him any more excuses, it's certainly not a way to treat your girl. well, i don't even know how to feel.. sorry for him, sad, angry... aah, as i said..mysteries of life!

midnight peace

middle of the night... i just realised i feel so calm now. it's because all the energy from the outside is quiet, everybody is sleeping, nobody is thinking of nobody, nobody is calling anybody, nobody is disturbing my midnight meditation. even though i'm working it's different from daily time. even my little crazy heart is holding still, only pumping blood through my veins...maybe he's a sleep. well, let him rest...

Monday, 11 June 2007


if you would ask me what is my occupation, i would answer this: whatever keeps me distracted from thinking about my broken heart.
this weekend we were in trieste, having batizado of capoeira. it sure distracted my mind and i'm glad. and it filled my energy with some positive vibes, exactly what i needed. sadly when i came back it all come back to me, i know also we shouldn't run away from our problems, but in my case.. the problem runs away from me so it's kinda hard to face him! =) funny, but at the same time sad.
so i just try to live day by day, NOT feeling sorry for myself and capoera is the thing that helps me. today i'm looking forward to train again, although my body is...khm, like i was 90 years old, everything hurts. nevertheless, we love it!!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

summer in the shell =)

če si v kurecu in ti je totalno bed... poslušaj poletje v školjki in vse bo spet v redu!!!! majke mi! rada vas mam vse...

Saturday, 2 June 2007


i'm fucked up without energy . and i don't mean only the energy of life, but energy like the one in batteries and electricity... i'm afraid i'm gonna miss a moment if i stay without energy. argh, what kind of stupidity is that. i'm addicted to energy =) give me life, give me energy... i need it!