Saturday, 27 October 2007

abc capoeire

A de angola
de berimbau

de capoeira que levanta meu astral

de dende

E de esquiva
é forma roda importanté

de ginga

Vem cá meninos, vem aprender,

vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC

Vem cá menino, vem aprender,
vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC

de harmonía

de instrumenti


de qué kompositor

L é leaodade
é mandingéiro

N é negacéia
..... O de orchestra tem q temos do respeito...

Vem ca meninos, vem aprender,

vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC,

Vem ca meninos, vem aprender,

vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC

de Pastinha, grande mestre que se foi,

Q de quilombo do negro trabalhador
é regional, mestre Bimba que crío

é senzala onde todo comeco,


U de uniăo isso năo pode faltar
de vadiacăo

de xangó


Vem ca meninos, vem aprender,

vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC,
Vem ca meninos, vem aprender,

vou te ensinar o ginga do do ABC

i'm having intense weekend of capoeira this last few days. my knees are ruined, my feet hurt from mea luas de compaso and armadas, i'm tired fo speaking and thinking in portuguese..but I LOVE IT!! =) i got this e-mail the other day that made me pretty sure that i'm a capoeira addict. and now i'm ready to admit it in front of the whole internet community... hei, i'm maja and i'm an addict, capoeira addict that is=) capoeira is life... that's what my professor always says..and he's right. and life isn't always easy and nice and sunny, not at all. but if you always try to keep it positive you soon forget the bad things and just remember the good ones that made you the way you are. and capoeira can give you a lot. i've got my capoerista sisters and brothers that take care of me and i take care of's unity within we function as one. everyone has his rights, but also his duty. my cordăo isn't just a thing to be bragging around with...but i have to be aware that all those behind me, are always watching me and repeating after me. if i put my leg wrong, they will put it too...and if professor sees's gonna be my fault, not his. i'm gonna have to do 20..not the other one. today we're going to Milano. there is a batizado of mestre Penna, it's other group so that means different rules, styles, different people. we represent our group Capoeira tradicăo baiana... and as capoeristas of our group we have to act respectful and always be aware that it's not just about us. the higher your graduation is... the less is about you i think, the more you have to think about others. i'm gonna start to teach children one day... that's the greatest rensposability! it's like being a parent, teaching a child to walk and talk. ufffff.... major stuff =)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

superior love, superior people

i know jah love is superior... this is a song i'm currently listening to. i love the song, but the lyrics got me thinking. superior love..what is that?why does it exist anyway... who made it up? it seems to me, that it was made up for those lost souls that feel lonely and not loved, so with this superior love is like sort of comfort for saying to a kid :'' hei, it's okay if your friends don't like you, you're loved anyway.'' i don't know, maybe i'm wrong, but all this dust around love and being loved is present everywhere. don't get me wrong, i think love is something reallly nice and all, but talking about it doesn't bring you satisfaction. it is simply by doing things you like and make you happy, and are in order with worlds energy flow... the love comes by itself. you can feel it inside you and it doesn't matter if you give or recieve cause in that moment it simply doesn't matter. and the question is... what is love anyway? how do we know we feel love the same. every person can feel it or project it on its own. it's true that we are always surrounded with some projections of love from outside, but what if it isn't always like that. you know what i mean? like we see a couple kissing and huging and we say..oooh, they are so in love... but it doesn't necesary means this is love to somebody else. i don't know this is just a blink of my thoughts...maybe it's true, maybe wrong..who kows, but the purpose of this text will be acomplished if the reader opens his mind and just think about what i said. maybe he discovers something big... maybe he finds his own love and he won't need superior love anymore.

love is freedom...freedom is love

Sunday, 21 October 2007

i didn't know we can make past feelings alive again, like to incarnate them. i don't like that, i'm sort of person living for the moment...but there is simply one feeling that keeps coming back. and it hurts and i want it to go away... just don't know how to do it! it wasn't supossed to happen like this, i feel that there was a mistake in the process. just like a waitress brings you tea instead of coffee you still drink it cause you don't want her to have any problems, but you know that coffee is what you need and it's the only thing that can satisfy you. that's how i feel now.... i'm drinking tea instead of coffee!

the end and the beggining, and the end and the beggining

there's a wast diversity of theories about our lives. it is hard for one to decide which one is closest to his understanding of the things around him. i don't yet know which one i prefer, but i i guess some of each. the strongest is the one that we are led by this small group of people who own the worlds knowledge. and that all this massive manipulation is based on knowledge or ignorance on the other side. but nevertheless, i was not intending to talk about this today. i want to talk about deeper things, the ones that are happening inside us.

i had a dream today, it was a two stories dream..the one where you follow two stories at the same time. one was about manipulation and how i bravely discovered that someone is trying to kill me but i was smarter than them, so i elegantly was escaping this people. anyways...that got me thinking about this job i am trying to start. it is risky and i don't fully trust the people, but on the other side i really wanna try.

and the other part of the dream included my ex. that was the hard part. it still makes me feel little strange if i think about it now that i'm already awake. the dreams were strange, cause we were in a place we could never meet now, since our worlds don't cross anymore..but it was so intimate and gentle. i know all this is just a projection of my conciousness, but yet... what if... ah well. he gave me clear and obvious picture that he does not want to maintain any contacts with me on friday when he didn't even show to say hy to me. i think that was more than enough for me to know that he's not a man, but a little child. and children are fine and cute.. but they need to learn many things.

my sweet friend once wrote: after i finished building my ship, the sea water disappeared.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

happy thoughts

again it's late at night and i'm still up. i was captured in the beautiful world of sudoku. i try to make at least one a day, just to keep my brains working. now that i'm at the end of my studies i have to make them busy some other way. well, i am proudly to say, that today i brought to daylight my very firts page of what is in the future gonna be my diploma, my graduation thesis. i promised myself yesterday in bed that i'm gonna start today and i actually did. i'm kinda proud of myself. but not as much because of the work i did, but over of the fact that i really moved myself from one point to actually make something.
i have a new approach now...i have this technique called happy thoughts. i'm sure you've all heard about it from Peter's pan Neverland... but have you tried it. i mean really did it? i didn't until today. it's funny...but it works. so today was the firts day of the rest of my life. and whenever i started to feel lazy or tired or without energy...kachiiing, there i was thinking happy thoughts. i'm sure lot's of people will find this ridiculous, but let them. everyone has it's right to think as they wish.. and i'm that silly person that felt great all day, because of this ridiculous doing. and that's all that matters. i read somewhere today... feelings are shaped by our thoughts. so that means that if i think happy thoughts there is a big chance i will feel happy most of the time. and that my dear friends is what makes me more attractive to positive things in life. i am content with this moment and i believe that i have all i need at this point. it doesn't mean i understand everything that happens, but i accept it.

as for example, today Anina decided that mondays capoeira classes will no longer be held, since there is very low procentage of people coming regularly. i don't know why is it so, but it shall all come out with time. maybe here is my chance to start something on my own. so as soon as i find someone to translate my capoeira programme for kids into italian, i will step in action and find a school that will be interested in having this classes.

as for my lovelife, i've been keeping it a little bit aside. still thinking about the things that happened, but the time has passed and there is no more space in my heart left for mourning. i am on my own, and my professor of capoeira gave me the best advice, probably not even knowing how i needed it at that exact moment. we are always on our own, even in a relationship we stand alone.
so now i represent me and noone else is ever gonna take that away from me.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

absofuckinlutelly fabulous

it happened, i had a first trainning as a teacher. i know it must sound funny to some, that i'm excited about such a thing, but i feel great. i feel i'm bursting all this energy i want to share with others, all this knowledge, beauty, this art of capoeira! maybe i'm even more excited about trainning these people as they are, ehehe! but when i'm doing it, i just forget about everything, no worries, thoughts rather than those of capoeira. this is my chance to change something, to leave a mark in someones mind. isn't that just beautiful, sharing your knowledge with others. knowing it can only make them better, feel them good... it's absofuckinlutelly fabulous! =) cheerio**