Wednesday, 31 March 2010


you know that ŠAMAR roka i was talking about some posts back..well, i could really use it right now. but on the other hand i don't exactly know what the fcuk am i feeling inside, which kinda scares me a little. not knowing thyself! who else can if i can't?!

i feel this strange apathic emptiness i've never felt before. pure nothing. actually it's a blessing not feel anything, but also a new dimension that i don't know exactly how to handle. i guess it's too wast for me and i've lost the coordinates.

but if i wasn't searching for anything how can i then get lost? does it mean i'm not even lost? which is good, not being lost...actually meaning then being free?? am i free? is this the feeling of letting go of everything that i've been holding on until now.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

stinky ninja

today i really find my blog stinky. but in a way that's good. because the way i see it it means that i've changed since i wrote previous posts...and change is good and change is normal and sometimes, just once in a while i wanna be normal. yeah, maybe today i'll try to be normal? ...naaaah! =)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

radosti življenja

is life really all about fighting for existence rather than just enjoying the freedom of it? why can't i have this magic wand or a button to press on, when i'm 'out of balance' ? why do i constantly fight and struggle with myself, with people around me? is all this really necesary in order to survive? i think not! i think life should be enjoyed, the problem is that i probably wasn't paying attention when they were teaching me how to do it and now i have to bare the consequences. what do you think? cause i don't know what to do anymore...i'm tired of everything. tired of this constant struggle and the only one that seems to be suffering in this story is me? shit, that was the most patethic sentence i've heard! hahaha, i have to admit i sometimes find myself THE tragic character of the story. you know like those characters in those romantic books...OMG! how patethic! i was talking to Špela today and she had this genius can not be translated, but she said why can't i just have a giant ŠAMAR ROKA so that i could slap someone with it when i'd feel like it! of course that someone is a particular person which i would rather not mention, to avoid any problems in future.

anyways my dear is not the best day for thoughts like this, since my hormones and my yesterdays activities (drinking and stuff) are messing with my balanced or should i rather say UNbalanced let that one depressing moment i've already had in the afternoon be enough for today and from now on it's only VIVA POSITIVA! i'll try to dance my troubles about that? let's visit Tetkine radosti, what can be more joyfull than some of that good old 70's funk with groovy people and dancing feet...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

mental clearance

it is funny...and how true it is the saying that change is the only constant thing in our lives. we change all the time, this blog is pure evidence of it. in one post i claim our ability to think is a curse and in the next i praise it. of course my mental state is the source of it all. in the past few days i'm having these interesting almost a bit freaky thoughts running through my mind. my friends say i'm just making a clearance in my mind, kind of like a big spring cleanning. and i say, thank you it's going on only in my head otherwise the main character of my thoughts would get damn hurt. so, what are these thoughts? i'm beating the hell out of my ex-boyfriend. many of you know i train capoeira so in my mind i'm doing capoeira with him and i'm doing it really hardcore and thanks to ability to control my own thoughts i can make him weak, because in real life he would probably beat the hell out of me. so what! here i am the master of disaster and it feels damn good! i am not a violent person at all that's why i said that the thoughts are freaky, but as long as they are only thoughts i think it's okay. the only thing that bothers me with that is, that hate and jealousy are one of the lowest kinds of feeling and since i consider myself somehow emotional inteligent person i do not like what i'm feeling. but on the other hand i just try to accept what i feel and let it go this is supossed to be a 'normal' procedure in my shituation.

couple of weeks ago my ex-ex boyfriend visited me and told me he wishes i would stop suffering over this guy, because i am a nice and good person and he doesn't like to see me like this. i so much want to be over him already, but i told him it is so hard for me and that i don't know how. he kind of wanted to give me some friendly advice...but on the end before i fell asleep i realised that he is also suffering, and as much as i wanted his words and advices to be true and easy to follow, i felt he feels the same pain as i do. but i'm glad we got together after three years, since now i can be friends with him again. i guess it gives me hope that one day maybe it will be the same with this ex-boyfriend.