Saturday, 21 November 2009

oh, this silence without you

change is the only permanent thing in our lives. the one who's afraid of change is probably afraid of loss. if one is aware that everything is as it's supossed to be, no change will scare him, because he will understand that it's just the way it goes. and once we accept that fact, we also see things and people differently. we no longer are afraid of losing someone. therefore we have to understand that by changing we always atract those people that are in the same state as we are, we are in harmony, with same vibration.

the hardest thing is to really understand that with your heart. we all can talk about things, situations and people until we are actually inside that situation. for me this is the real test if you truly understand what that means.
and as for me, i know it's damn hard for someone who had just for instance broke up with his partner to understand that he or she has to let go, cause it has come the time when one has learned what he came into this relationship to learn and has to move on. and when you cry in the pillow at night, how on earth can you think about letting go, when all you feel is pain and sadness.

i guess that means that the person is not mature enough to reach that level, or is it because right at this point that exact situation gave him the oportunity to learn about changing, unconditional love and acceptance.

whatever it is...i'm learning.

Monday, 2 November 2009

i'm in food mood

i've been watching some scary movies this weekend. and i don't mean scary because of the vampires and killers and imaginary killer dolls..but because of the real killer machines called food industry. i found my food disgusting that day and didn't really have any apetite.

but i have to eat eventually right, because of that kind of movies i get worried what to eat and where to buy food. in a way i'm luck not living in USA, cause Europe is at least for now little kinder to it's consuming population, but nobody can guarantie us, that in a couple of years our crops won't be owned by Monsanto or some other Monsanto-like corporation. nobody can guarantie me, that the chicken i'll buy will not be grown in closed tube-like house without windows where thatpoor chicken will never see a sun ray. not that it matters to the chicken whether it sees the sun or not...but it's natural.

i don't know what to think about my future, how to prevent my food to be genetically modified or my meat to contain bacterias or antibiotics or i don't know what kind of wierd unnatural stuff, without me being aware of it and being able at least to have a choice. i am willing to pay more for the food that is less 'contaminated' that's my choice. but it is totally absurd that the more the food is modified, cheaper it is! i don't want an apple that will make me sick with some virus or bacteria, even if it costs one third of an bio apple.