Sunday, 27 July 2008

sunflower field

there is a sunflower on my desk, bringing sunshine to my life. i got it from a person that is currently number one for me. meanning that i'm in love with him. and it's funny, because things i say i will never do or will happen to me, ALWAYS happen! and this time the murphy guy wanted me to fall in love with a guy from my capoeira group. i still dont believe it, and i'm taking it day by day, moment by moment because it's like floating in seven heaven. there's this totally nice guy, sexy as hell, kind and he's doing capoeira which is ''only'' my favourite thing in life...and he's in love with me! i lucky am i? at the moment i think i'm the luckiest woman on this earth!! let it be this way....

Saturday, 12 July 2008

save all your kisses for me

what's love got to do, got to do with it... you know the song? of course, who doesn't. and it's a question of the day... is it finally the moment that this crazy bee is starting to fall in love after all this time? is it? does love has anything to do with it? is it just a crazy dream, momentum of summer haze, too much vitamin D and happy hormone, too much love movies? i don't know... but i'll tell you this... i feel like in high school. i haven't have had this kind of situation since ages ago. it's refreshing and totally nice and i wanna just keep it happening, until it will last. cause after that i don't have any idea where it may bring me.

let it be, let it be...speaking words of freedom, let it be... i like my version better!

i love those little tinny butterflies in my stomach that are coming back after long time.

Monday, 7 July 2008

saudade năo é hóje...

i have a secret. it's almost too big to display it here so i'll rather keep it for myself for a while i think. it's a nice secret, a sweet one, one that i haven't had for quite some time now. and i'm jealous of sharing it now.

we were in milano this weekend, it was a capoeira thing of course. and it was one of my hardest weekends ever... i don't think i was ever so exhausted, mentally and physicaly. jerneja actually congratulated me for being in such a mood, meanning noone is used to me being like that.

i'm still thinking about it, why was i like that anyway. i have had many sleepless nights with school or a job next day...but i don't remember having such struggles inside me.
i guess a big part of it was the contribution of me being the only portuguese speaking slovene and i automatically was translating every word. and not just on trainnings, but then also everytime someone wanted to speak to Alegria, or Alegria talking to any of them. i was in constant contact with humans... i was outrageously nervous!! i remember craving for a hug from someone, saying it's okay just calm down.
my feelings about this event are so mixed i can't decide. i have had a good time, and i have had bad times, i have had revelations and i have had hardest moments of anger and most beautiful moments of happiness and love...all together...wierd sensation indeed. i guess i liked it all, exactly because of that... the rainbow of feelings that i had to face.

saudade năo é hóje,
saudade năo é agora,
sauade é amanha,
quando meu mestre foi se embora....