Tuesday, 28 June 2011

nice talking to myself

lately my life is one test after another..i know we should take responsibility for our actions and understand that things do not happen without us having call them into our lives..but it is amazing how open your mind has to be in order to have everything under control. and i do not mean control as if in controlling and managing everything that goes on around you, but to be able to understand it at the very first moment when situation emerges. to understand why certain things are happening and before you jump in it, to stop and have a moment of silence and just breathe, look around you and then act. if any action is needed at all.

and when the moment comes, when one does not feel a need to say anything, because that situation already passed, and next NOW is here, and next NOW, and next....that is when you know what all those other people are telling you.

and this is what i am learning and accepting right now. it does not mean that i will never be upset or sad or disappointed. but it definitely means i will be disappointed less time and things and people will not upset or hurt me so many times. i really, really understand that now. i mean i still fight with my thoughts in my head. but i know what are they trying to push me into. so many times i want to say something, when i think someone is wrong or my opinion is completely different from other person..but less and less i actually say it. because if you think about it, it does not have any meaning at all, because i can already predict how the conversation will continue and i know i do not like the direction it is probably going to go. so i leave it there. i smile and look away.
because there is simply no need in having to share words if their meaning is totally misused. words are over ratted i have read somewhere. and i could not agree more. even when i write a blog i sometimes simply erase text, after all i am writing it for myself on the first place. and if by writing i clear stuff in my head that i had to resolve for my personal sake, it is not necessary to leave them written on screen. just like talking.

the deepest truths are found inside ourselves, and nobody can go there with you.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

miss tearious

after a lot of noise there is always time for silence. i so honor these moments that i have only for myself. being able to just breathe silently and gently flow through the world, having no goal to reach or assignment to do. just walking with mere peace inside. and how quickly i forget how precious those moments are and how fulfilling. i am a person of sound and laughter, but i need silence and i need it badly. it is of course the simple law of balance. as this old capoeira song goes 'eu tenho balanço, eu sou mandingueiro' ...it is of course talking about completely different balance, but i am a mandinguiera of life and i know that balance is one of the crucial things for me to function normally.
today i was at this bossa nova concert and it was as if someone would caress me with sound. and the beat was perfect, not to fast not to slow and the volume of the band was perfect..again my soul was starting to get that saudade feeling that i always get when i hear something that has to do with brasil. i know my heart is somewhere there. i just have to go and find it. and afterwards i meet this brasilian mestre and the words just came to me as if the language was mine. this deep connection is one of great mysteries in my life. and it's great to have some mystery. the unexplainable things make your mind active and fresh.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

full of thankness

i wanted to talk about something completely else as it is going to turn out now. being in this search quest for the past year i have met some amazing and interesting people. and as it so happens i have met two more today. i know it was not an accident or coincidence of any kind, but more of a normal flow that i now give out to the world. i meet people that i want and they meet me. i was inspired and now i just had a moment of lost and found...and i am talking about my long forgotten poetic writing gift. i mean i am writing a blog all this time and i had kept a diary before that..but i have stopped writing poems and poetic texts as i had used to. and by today's meeting i got inspired. something woke up inside me again. my creativity was obviously sleeping for quite some time now. but i feel it has to come out. it is emerging and calling me to come and dig it out of my consciousness. i am thankful for this day. i am thankful for this people. and i am thankful that i am able to sense all this and understand it for only with this subtle senses i am able to evolve what was brought back to me.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

limitless...with less limits

limitless possibilities...what an unimaginable phrase. yet they've made a movie about it. it did make me think a lot about what a man is capable of. but i mean truly capable, without any chemical or natural substances. i believe in genius human consciousness..in all its glory and size! i really do. but i also believe that drugs can help you open a door or two for a quick look in that world, that is for a moment or maximum a couple of hours. i myself am not a big fan of drugs or even a user for that matter. i guess i just like to keep things under control and maybe in a way make it the hard way...also the safer one i think. but this movie was good in all aspects...showing the positive side of human capabilities that we actually all poses, we're just not aware of them...and the negative side of artificial stimulants..meaning what is not of human body and mind, shall never prevail because eventually the body will eject the intruder. even at the end of the movie one does not know, whether the man was telling the truth when he said he's clean and he just started to use his mind the way he did while on drugs, or was he still taking the magic pills that made his dreams come true.
the 'mistake' in the movie was only one thing...as the law of balance works...there can be no un-balanced energy that will last for long. that is exactly why quick business of any kind is also a quick failure. simply because there was too much of a potential on one side.
i would like to believe..as a matter of fact I DO believe that we are capable of doing this without any drugs and i can confirm that what you need is conscious awareness and a will that you want to change. one of important things that we forget is that wishing is not enough...pro-activity is a very important part of reaching a goal. and once you become proactive results start to show and opportunities to reach your goal appear. you may think it is merely a coincidence or you may call it luck..but the truth is that with your pro-activity you've made your way. and you never know where or how it might appear.

it was certainly a very inspiring movie..it actually made me FEEL i can do anything.